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9 Radha - Natu Paranjape

‘9 Radha’ - A property gifted since ages.

The Vastu here has filled positivity and blessed good times for generations.At Natu Paranjape, we believe ourselves lucky to be chosen as Developers of this divine piece of land. We've planned it to the best of our ability. It towers 20 Floors - one residence per floor facing the West. We have equipped it with ultra-modern parking technology till 8 Floors. The construction quality and layouts present you luxury & space.Divinity comes with Trust. ‘Trust’ - a word that's made us proud since 1965.

‘Natu-Paranjape Group’ has been building landmarks across the skylinesof Thane, Pune, Mumbai & Bengaluru. Our construction is a blend of fine engineering, perfect planning and a personalized touch to every detail. Little wonder then, our Residential Clientele - from three generations - has expressed their loyalty towards our company.

9 Radha - Gymnasium

State Of Art

9 Radha - Gymnasium

Make a
Splash Jacuzzi

9 Radha - Gymnasium

Roof Top
Sky Lounge


9 Radha Elevation - Natu Paranjape


9 Radha Lobby - Natu Paranjape


9 Radha Master Bedroom - Natu Paranjape


9 Radha Living Room - Natu Paranjape


9 Radha Plan - Natu Paranjape


9 Radha Plan - Natu Paranjape
9 Radha Plan - Natu Paranjape
9 Radha Plan - Natu Paranjape

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